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HARMONY is a progam designed originally (in 1994) to add chords to a melody.
It has grown to provide a great deal more, including editing, scoring and playback of tunes, as well as creating MIDI files.

Functions include:
Play tune / make MIDI file
Print or display score: Aligned lyrics, multiple voices, various staff options
Edit score with drag & drop of notes and other items
Guitar Tablature
Import and Export 'abc' format tunes
Import MIDI files
Play tune backwards
Make ANGLO Concertina or Melodeon Tablature
It can also create new, original (random), tunes in a variety of styles. Some are even playable!

WARNING - "bizarre" values in the abc or MIDI files may cause errors on import.
Examples seen include time signatures of 17/16 and even 132/4, and a MIDI ticks value of 32000.

Click here to download a copy of HARMONY (size 4.4 mb)
This will work for 30 days, but after that some functionality (print, save) will be disabled
(Note: Existing registrations will be detected and retained)
Click the paypal icon below to Register. The suggested donation is $25 or 15 Pounds Sterling, but you may pay more or less if you wish.

You need to email the serial number (displayed on startup) to us, and an unlock code will be emailed to you
Latest Version: August 2020
Version 3.4.4. is now available, and has several fixes, of which the most important is to the PLAY function.
The PLAY function worked OK in WINDOWS XP.
But in all later versions of Windows, file locking appears to have been introduced
This causes problems when PLAY tries to reuse the same MIDI file.
The new version uses a new time-stamped file each time you play a tune, to overcome the problem.
However, you may have to delete all these temporary MIDI files, which start with names like "T000n", from your disk.
You may request the new version, which we will send using the free WETRANSFER service
(because email doesn't like .EXE files).
You then just have to replace the existing .EXE file by the new one.
Special note for Windows VISTA / 7 / 8 / 10 users:
Microsoft have kindly REMOVED the HELP system from WINDOWS versions Vista onwards (due to security concerns).
To get it back on Windows versions up to 8, you must download a program from their site. It will only work if you have a genuine version of Windows.
There are instructions here on how to use an old version from XP if you have one.
It cannot be installed at all in Windows 10
I am working on an updated HELP system but it is not yet available. There are several hundred pages to convert

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